Find Me On My Knees

Find me on my knees,
Kneeling on my doubts and distresses;
Hands clasped, holding tight my faith;
Eyes closed firmly, that I may not be moved by sight;
My words are incoherent, rightly depicting the state of my mind;
My mouth seems too slow, not fast enough to articulate the flow –
The gushing of thoughts and emotions from my mind backed up behind my throat,
My tongue feels tired, but there’s a will
That seeks to push until something happens…
Giving no rest to self or God;-
The mystery that keeps mighty men on their feet in battle,
And keeps the sword of the warrior stuck to his hands
Even when his arms are wearied beyond remedy;
And keeps him facing a thousand as they descend on him
Breathing destruction and slaughter….
A small portion of the mystery, that brought a Man
To the carrying of the burdens of the whole world.

Find me on my knees,
In a pool of tears mixed with sweat;
Tired tongue twisted into uttering nothing but sighs and groans;
In the place where words fail and voices too;
Where light disappears and feelings depart;
Where every heartbeat sounds like a dramatic tragic drum roll.
For the ordinary, exhaustion would have brought a merciful end,
But there’s a mystery that brings strength at the deep end of travail;
That a man would rise from much graver turmoil of travailing,
And His words would cause trained armed men to fall,
And He would go on to endure the worst kind of trauma administrable to a man,
And still have His wits about Him,
And grace and strength enough to forgive.

Find me on my knees
Silent; Eyes closed and hands clasped…
Besides me kneels One who can be touched by the feeling of my infirmities;
He’s silent too, for a while,
As if savouring the moment…as if reminiscing…
Then He says, “It is Well!”
That’s when it hits me…
Yes, that’s all I’d wanted to hear…
Indeed, if He says it is, then it is well.

Find me on my knees,
Silent; Eyes closed and hands clasped;
Just beyond the deep end of travail,
With a smile on my face,
And with strength enough to rise up
And endure until victory.

  • Luke 22:41-44
  • Matthew 26:38
  • John 18:6
  • Hebrews 4:15
  • Isaiah 62:6-7
  • II Samuel 23:8-21

7 thoughts on “Find Me On My Knees

    • Hello Kevin,
      Thank you for the compliment and for the nomination. Unfortunately, for a number of personal reasons, I will have to decline the honour of participation. I really do appreciate the gesture though. Thanks once again.


  1. Love the progression of the poem.
    This is really how praying feels like during those periods when trials and tribulations suddenly multiply. But, our God is a merciful and generous God who is ever ready to intercede and bear the burden. So we come out of the prayer room with a big smile and reassurance that, verily, it is well.

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