Days like this (today) are always strange to me;
And I can’t explain why, though I’ve tried,
Several times, to myself, unsatisfactorily…

Days like this have the tendency to make me sink deep into myself;
Cataloguing, Analyzing, Marking, Contemplating, Appreciating…
Alternating between speechlessness and an overwhelming deluge of things to say…

Yesterday feels like a dream, tomorrow seems like a wish;
Today, here and now, smells like promises and fulfillment;
Like layers of abstractions collapsed into a singularity – reality.

Tomorrow seems nearer than ever, yesterday lingers further behind;
Creeping up sometimes, but ultimately locked behind the impregnable fortress of time past;
Days like this (today) make the distinction that much more apt.

Days like this stir up things,
Some things best left untouched, some things in need of life;
One thing that should never be left still – Gratitude for Life.

Today smells like Spring mixed with Summer,
Bearing the colours of Autumn, with a touch of the beauty of Winter;
With sounds not heard in nature, but in a deeper realm unique to mankind.

Days like this are more of a mystery than the usual days,
Marking the remembrance of a divinely ordained entrance into this Life;
But the true privilege, is the opportunity ‘to be’, and be with Him in the next.

Forgive me, if my words and sentiments today seem abstruse;
Some of these have lain in obscurity, waiting for today’s brightness;
This is me inviting you to, and thanking you for celebrating today with me.



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