Beloved Father

“Beloved Father in Heaven, I hallow Your Name; I long for the establishment of Your Kingdom on earth; How awesome it would be, if everything was here as it is in Heaven. Notwithstanding, You are my Lord, and I look to You this day for everything I will need. Please teach me not to hold the faults of others against them, even as You do not hold my trespasses against me. Order my steps away from the things and places that will cause me pain and sadden You. Deliver me from every evil, because I am Yours, and You have the power to keep me; And I will glorify You with every breath that is in me, now and forever. Amen.”

This is the first in a new series where I take portions of Scripture that are directly ‘prayable’ and personalize them. I hope you pray along and be blessed.

#Matthew 6:9‭-‬13

4 thoughts on “Beloved Father

  1. This phrase “Please teach me not to hold the faults of others against them…” very important!
    There’s a freedom that comes with it also. It ties into the concept of forgiveness. We forgive because our Heavenly Father has forgiven.
    Looking forward to this new series !

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    • Hmmm, it is freeing indeed, and may God help us partake of this freedom. I’m looking forward to it too, Cyn. Thanks for stopping by, and do stay blessed.


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