Broken Worship

It is the sound of tears falling,
Steadily, uncontrollably, but consciously;
It is a weeping, not just on the outside, and not just of grief.

It is a mixture of broken pieces,
Inside out and nothing left to hide – emptied out;
Every shard a testimony of grace and gratitude long sought.

It is the sight that greets the light of truth;
A revelation of the greatest need not known, and an unsightly mess.
Leaving behind a message impossible to communicate with words alone.

It springs from a depth that can’t be touched,
Rising like incense with a force that can’t be stopped,
Furnished by a conviction that can’t be taught or bought.

Yea, it seems the most fragrant worship comes from broken vessels;
A fragrance birthed from knowledge of pain in varying shades,
And an experience of inexplicable favour suddenly bestowed.

#Mark 14:3
#Luke 7:37-38
#Psalm 51:17
#Psalm 34:18
#Isaiah 57:15
#John 4:23-24

2 thoughts on “Broken Worship

  1. Broken worship will have one on their knees wailing and crying unprovoked.
    But then, when we look back and reflect on the moment, we realize that there was nothing unprovoked about God’s grace, His blessings, His goodness, and mercy!
    His unfailing love and steady commitment to all things concerning us was enough to trigger the uncontrollable weeping. And you know, the weeping and crying is a form of worship when words have failed us and Holy Spirit takes over.

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