The Psalmist’s Desire

Lord, there’s a thirst in me that can only be quenched by You;
My soul yearns for You, like the deer pants for the water-brooks.
Every minute I spend away from You is a minute too long for comfort;
When will I find myself before You, my King?
As I wait night after night and day after day,
I’m compelled to feast on my tears shed from excessive longing.

My soul cries out from within me
Every time I lack awareness of Your presence –
Whenever I find myself asking where You are, Lord.
Because I remember, in times past (that seem so long ago)
How I used to go with the saints, and led them into Your presence
With such joy, and with praise on my lips, keeping my date with You.

My soul is disturbed and despairs within me
Though I keep encouraging myself to hope in You, my God.
I have purposed to still praise You for the saving help of Your presence.
Still my soul despairs and is inconsolable;
My soul remembers and yearns for Your promises –
For a manifestation beyond the glimpses of the glory of the past.
There is a depth of desire in me, that can only be a response
To the infinite depth of the call of your promises and glory.

Sometimes as I wallow in remembrance,
Ripples of the waves of the reality of Your promises wash over me,
Filling me with inspiration, and telling me that
You will command Your loving kindness over me in the daytime,
And in the night Your song shall be with me.
This inspiration then becomes my prayer;
And I call out to You, the God of my life and my Rock,
Asking why You seem to have forgotten me…
Why have You left me to mourn in misery
Because of the oppression of circumstances and adversaries?
Why have you left me at the mercy of the enemy,
Who stabs me relentlessly with questions suggesting You have abandoned me?

Every-time I sense my soul in despair from yearning,
I ask, “Why must my soul be disturbed within me?”
Then I purpose to continue to hope in You and praise You,
For You alone are the saving help of my countenance,
My Love, My King, and My God.

#Psalms 42:1‭-11

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