Sound Of Victory

It begins in the depths;
Sounds like a struggle at first, then it breaks free…
It is a little spring with the force of a mighty volcano;
It is a sound with a single note,
Communicating a singular message – Victory!

It begins at the sight of the finish line;
With each additional step it soars in might,
Bolstered on by the sound of the rushing winds
Till it gloriously erupts at the breaking of the tape.

Each year has two landmark marathons: global and personal.
The only opponent is time, and finishing is victory;
Because reaching the finish line means you get to race again.

This is the night of another victory – another personal marathon won.
Like victory speeches go, I acknowledge
That this would not have been possible without God – Father without equal;
Words would fail me if I were to start estimating the weight of Your place
In words, or thoughts…even my memory fails me in perfectly recalling
The many ways and instances You have facilitated my presence here.
To Family, friends, and loved ones, “You are the reason I run,
Without you, every victory will be as tasteless as defeat.
Thank you, for making it worthwhile.”



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