A Song of Promise

There’s a song furnished in my heart this dawn;
It is a song of pain and tragedy;
It is a song of unfailing and faithful love;
It is a song both marred and perfected
In my lack of complete understanding and full appreciation.
It is an old song, but seems new every morning;
It carries the weight of hope and is full of promises and possibilities.
It promises such great things and calls for me to be bold and courageous;
It calls for me to step out in faith and complete trust.

But truth is, I am afraid –
Afraid of the pain it promises;
Because, of all the wonderful things it promises, it promises pain too.
I have never doubted the pain it promises,
So why do I sometimes doubt with such vehemence
Some of the incredible promises of good?
This song goes with the beat of my heart…
Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, but always there
When I take time to quiet down and listen;
With each thump thump it reminds me of a promise awaiting fulfillment.
Yes, it is a song full of promise –
Of pain and tragedy;
Of unfailing, faithful and saving love,
And of a life unimaginably better than this one – in Christ alone.

#John 1:17 NLT
#Mark 10:27-30

#image by Murray Foubister – https://www.flickr.com/photos/mfoubister/13113513034/

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