Tell me that it’s easy,
To rise up each morning at the break of dawn
To set your knees in that spot in the mat
With the perfect grooves made from wear;
A testament to the consistency with which they carry
The weight of your desperation and dreams.

Tell me how you’ve gotten used to the familiar aches –
The pain of the strain of holding a position
That under different circumstances would be called corporal punishment;
Hands clasped underneath chin,
Elbows scraping the edge of the bed…
But none of these compare to the aches
That rampage in places the eye cannot see;
None of these compare to the screams that no ear hears –
None, except One.

He knows my tears,
The ones that have long dried,
The ones washed out of my pillows and clothes,
And the ones yet brimming and priming to fall.

Tell me it’s easy,
To know He knows, and yet tarries.
He knows, oh how well He knows;
Even the parts I fail to recall,
Yet, He waits…
Why does He wait as I wait on Him to move?
When every fibre of my being except my voice screams,
“How long, Lord; how long will this state last?”

Tell me how easy it is,
To know the promises,
To know they are true and sure.
Indeed, truer words have never been spoken;
And I believe – Oh, how I believe…
If there were room I’d believe even more
And yet…
My eyes fail me…they fail to see the manifestation of my earnest expectations.
My ears tire of straining; hoping to catch wind of the whisper that may carry glad tidings.

Tell me how easy it is,
To hope against hope, striving closer and closer to blood;
To gaze into the reality of circumstances
And purpose to see nothing contrary to the words of promise –
A dichotomy that too often threatens to tear conscience apart.

Tell me how easy it is,
To get up once again at the break of dawn,
Search for those perfect grooves in the bed-rug and fit my protesting knees into them,
Welcome the familiar aches and pains,
While whispering outwardly and screaming inwardly:
“My Father in Heaven, Hallowed by thy Name…”

Tell me how easy it is…
Because deep down you know as I do;
That this path we have chosen,
Though it may not seem like it,
Is the easiest path to walk
To get to the best of destinations;
And if this is the easiest path to take,
Beloved, I shudder to think what the difficult path looks like.

#Psalms 56:8
#Psalms 34:15
#John 11:5-6
#Daniel 10:12-13
#II Corinthians 1:20
#Hebrews 12:4
#Romans 4:18-21
#Romans 5:3-5
#Romans 8:16

4 thoughts on “Easy

  1. Sometimes it’s not so easy to know that He knows and yet tarries. However, one thing is certain, He who we wait on neither sleeps nor slumber and at the appointed time, He will show up for His own far beyond our expectations.

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