When Love Wept

Join me on a journey back through time,
Way before the episode at Lazarus’ tomb,
Very close to the beginning of a beautiful story,
In the perfect garden, where all things should have been rosy,
Love wept…unseen, unheard, unconsoled.

In the face of betrayal and death;
At the pain and thought of losing
What He’d literally invested Himself into;
Love wept…bloody tears, to make room for Hope.

In times of loss and pain, I’m reminded of hymns like:
“Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side…”;
But how does God console Himself?
“Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side…”?
One ordinary-seeming day, Love wept…unshed tears.

At the sight of the constant affront
Of the complete corruption of what had been made
To be perfect and beautiful and utterly right;
Love wept…tears enough to wipe out His regrets
From off the face of the earth when allowed to fall.

Throughout the ages, with the rise and fall of civilizations,
Man has continued to flail and flounder about,
Succeeding at everything but saving himself.
What consolation is there to be found?

At an opportune time, Love took on flesh
He lived and walked amongst men, and was grieved even more.
He wept and bleed to be seen and heard, yet remained unconsoled.
Rejected, again and again, seen or unseen.

Today, Love continues to weep
Over you and me, as we dilly-dally and flirt
With sin and death in the name of ignorance,
Waiting stubbornly, till Love says “Enough!” once more.

It is the nature of Love to give,
And the only consolation for love is to be received in sincerity.
“Too Late” is the name of the day Love says “Enough!”
Fortunately, that day is not today, and that is the only consolation we have.

#I John 4:8
#Genesis 3:21
#Revelation 13:8
#Genesis 6:5-7
#John 1:14
#John 1:11
#John 3:16
#Isaiah 53:3
#Hebrews 3:15

2 thoughts on “When Love Wept

  1. And Love wept for my sake! & still love me even with all my shortcomings & flaws.
    The 2nd to last stanza really called me out. Gave me something to ponder on.
    I’m comforted that, as of today, it’s not too late. Anyways, beautifully penned!

    Liked by 1 person

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