A Morning Prayer

Gracious Lord, it’s a new day with its troubles.
Hear my prayer, and incline Your ears to my humble petitions.
In Your faithfulness and righteousness, bring relief to me.

Loving Father, don’t enter into judgement with me,
For in Your sight no man living is righteous – I’m no exception.
I know the many ways in-which I’ve fallen short of Your standards,
And there yet may be many I’m unaware of.
But I do remember the days of old – testimonies of times past.
I meditate on all Your doings, Your mercies and goodness.
When I contemplate on the works of Your hands,
I can’t help but spread out my hands to You in surrender.

Eternal Lord, my soul thirsts for You like a parched land.
Please hurry and come through for me before my spirit fails.
Oh, don’t hide Your gracious face from me,
For then I would truly fall to the depths of despair.
Cause me to hear Your loving kindness this and every morning.
I long to hear You because I trust in You.
Show me which way I should go – where to step to avoid the landmines
For my life and every breath in me is Yours – surrendered.

Deliver me, Almighty God, from my enemies;
I flee to You to hide me – in the shadow of Your wings.
Teach me to do Your will, for you are my God.
Your Spirit is good, and is able to help me live uprightly.
Revive me, Lord, for Your name’s sake.
In your righteousness, bring my soul out of trouble. Amen.

#Psalms 143:1-2, 5-11

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