Eternal Echoes

Who knew that a sound
Could be so loud as to echo into eternity?
It was the sound accompanying the event
That sent ripples through time – forward and backward.
An event beyond the confines of time and space,
Its echoes preceding it – promising its sure occurrence.
Echoes forcefully sustained by a universe unwilling to forget.

Sentient echoes – sometimes loud, sometimes quiet;
Seasonally resounding and perfectly rebounding.
Age to age, transcending life and death;
Sometimes muffled but always pointing,
To the single most spectacular event
In the history of the universe.

“A Child is born to us, a Son is given to us.”
The event in time yet beyond time;
An impossible mystery made possible because of Love –
Necessity and Desire forcing a fateful costly intervention.
Hence the echoes, succeeding the event, demanding remembrance.
Echoes as evidence; and beyond remembrance, immortalizing Hope.
Hope for all people in all times.

I am an echo – a breathing, sentient, mortal echo.
An echo of an event I have not witnessed
Yet whose weight and significance I have experienced.

I am an echo – an eternal echo;
Because of an event I have not witnessed,
Yet whose power has transformed me
Into a being of hope and eternity.

“Merry Christmas!!!”

#Isaiah 9:6-7
#Revelations 13:8
#John 3:16

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