What this is

Book HeartThese are entries in the journal of my journey with Jesus Christ. In a sense, this journey started long before I was born. That sort of makes a mess of the time-line…but that’s not very important. They are my observations, pieces of inspiration, frustrations, tokens of worship and gratitude.

Sometimes I wish I could sing, but I don’t think I have the voice for that, nor the skill, or heart. I really do appreciate those who do it so well. There are some who wish they could write, but just can’t seem to find the right words, phrases or just the time. I, as many others do, just love to read – and listen to good music. But I also believe that everyone can write. It may not be poetry, but when you make the time, you will find the right words and phrases.

I believe the essence of ‘speech’ is communication. And I use ‘speech’ here to refer to ‘speaking and writing’. So I believe it does not really matter what form something is ‘said’ in, as long as the intended message gets across clearly, be it in verse or simple prose. There is often-times elegance in simplicity, where beauty might struggle to show in structure. And there might be no point in writing poetry, if your intended message gets lost in all the accessories and formalisms.

Basically, what I have here aren’t attempts at poetry, though there may be rhymes and titles and abstractions and thematic structuring…and a few others. What they really are, are my attempts at communicating with myself – and whoever else is interested – without being too long-winded.

10 thoughts on “What this is

  1. Hello Makafui! I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tiffany Jackson and I just recently began blogging. I started my blog for a lot of the same reasons you did. I find it to be theraputic at times, and I hope that I am able to help others who may be struggling with their path in this life. I studied psychology for 5 years, and I like to utilize what I’ve learned in my blogs, or in response to other’s. It is very nice to meet you, and to see that we have a similar purpose in this!

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    • Hello Tiffany, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for reaching out. I have been to your blog, and you touch on subjects that I’m severely inequipped to
      handle. Kudos. I’m a student, currently in my first year of doctoral studies in Mathematics. I’m a bit of a bookworm, and not good with small talk…something I’m working on. I do believe it is an honour to help others.
      I don’t know much about others, and I barely understand myself sometimes. But I believe we’re all alike just enough, for what I pen down to be useful to someone else…though probably not in the same way it is to me. And it’s always wonderful to find people from the ‘crowd’ who share your ‘reasons’.
      Do stay blessed.

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  2. Esther Acquah says:

    Hello Markafui,
    This is Esta Akwah. I am not a blogger and I have never taken the time to know what it’s all about. Maybe I’m a bad writer, or perhaps got alot to say that words may not be able to describe. All the same, I think what you have here is good and knowing the kind of person you are, even makes it better. One day when I get to know what all of it is about I will tell my story because I got one. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hello Esta, thanks for stopping by, and for the feedback…it’s really appreciated. We all have our stories, and I’ll be waiting to see yours. I know how words seem to fail us sometimes, but they do come through eventually. I wish you all the best, and do stay blessed.


  3. Wendy Boateng says:

    Wow! It is beautiful…what you are doing here. I just love good write ups like these. Tried writing but didn’t really work out. Lol. God bless you for sharing.

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  4. Emmanuel Boansi says:

    Hi Josh. Great initiative. Really looking forward to reading more post from you. Do share with me anytime something new is being posted.


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    • Hello Emmanuel, thank you for the feedback and support. About new posts, if you click on the ‘follow’ button and enter your email address, you will be notified by mail of all new posts. I look forward to more feedback from you.
      Thanks for stopping by, and stay blessed.


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