Who is (This Jesus You Speak of?)

Three CrossesYes, who is this Jesus I speak of? A question I ask myself frequently, not because I do not know the answer, but because I get a better answer every single time. Because it’s like an essence is repeatedly distilled, constantly tailored just for me. I can share, and I will share. And I hope you seek and ask and know; So you may find that answer continuously refined and tailored for you.


Son of God, who died to redeem me
He came, that I may know Life
He died, that I might have life
His pain, brought my healing
He took my shame, and left me without blame
He took my place, and set me in His grace

Son of Man, who walked this Earth
He knows my pain
He bore witness to my weakness
He experienced my challenges
He overcame my limitations
He exceeds my expectations
I know He deserves my adoration

His accolades are innumerable
And I’m sure to run out of epithets if I start to assign them

It’s been said that familiarity breeds contempt. I believe there are those who have seen, or heard the phrase ‘God loves you’ so many times, that its import has been lost on them. It is a disheartening state of affairs. Because that is the single most important piece of information in the universe, and should overshadow everything else in life.

“God Loves me, I’ve heard it, but what does it mean? Is there a God?”
Well, you don’t need anyone to tell you whether there is a God or not. Science and Mathematics are essentially tools we use to affirm and formalise our convictions, and Philosophy just provides a platform for argument. It is something you are convicted of in your soul, and it is a choice you need to make. No one can, or should, make it for you…it is an inherent part of your dignity as a thinking being.

I believe there is one God, and He created the universe, and all that is in it, and He formed man in His image and gave him life. He had a plan for man, a purpose. But there was an interruption, the interaction was lost, and man’s connection with God was severed, by man’s choice. A lot happened, and I won’t bore you with the details, though it would be the most intriguing truth you ever heard. There was a need for a sacrifice, to bridge the gap that had formed between man and God. And God made that ultimate sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ, who had to become flesh, like man, then die, for man.

This is the truth of love I wish to share.
And this is the Jesus I speak of.
This is what I mean when I say ‘God loves you’.
That the Creator of the universe,
Would give His only begotten Son as a sacrifice,
To bring His lost creation back into His fold.
This is the highest form of love I know.
I do not claim to understand it,
But I gratefully accept it.

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