The Lord’s Goodness (Happy New Year)

Beautiful ashes, scattering about on the early morning breeze;
A solemn frigid welcome is what was expected,
An overcast sky and a lingering dawn.
It is a new day but night seems to persist;
Each season seemingly more turbulent than the last.
Persistent night, made bearable only by merciful flashes of Light.

“If I hadn’t believed that I would see the LORD’s goodness…”
Indeed, if the abundance of hope held did not overflow…
Too many times to count, all would have been lost.
‘Tis all gloom and doom till faith blooms.
So here we go again, carrying extra oil
To grease the wheels of the days ahead,
‘Cos we’re due much smoother rides.

Ahead is a road laid out;
Visible only for as far as my faith permits…
Will my steps be sure if my faith wavers?

Before me is the path to tomorrow:
Two parts sure and three parts mystery.
One step at a time, guards up, and alert –
That’s the way to proceed, though it still wouldn’t save
From the sudden shocks that hit from strange angles…
Better shore up to take the hits with grace, believing…
Believing to see the LORD’s goodness sure as the paths lie ahead.

If history is any consolation, it is that the victors wrote it…
Or is it that the writers became the victors?
Either way there was a writing and there was a victory.
But the truest victory is the fulfillment
Of the Good LORD’s perfect will concerning my tomorrow.
So I walk consoled, believing to see the LORD’s goodness
Again and again, and for as long as the paths ahead remain.

#Happy New Year!!!

#Psalms 27:1‭3
#Matthew 12:34b

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