I find it quite interesting,
That time in all its uniqueness,
Can at once be seen as the most expensive thing we have,
And taken as the cheapest thing there is.

Some will give all they have just to have a little bit more of it.
While others decisively turn their backs on it.
For some, it isn’t worth the effort of having – failing to see its mysteries.
There are those who seek to buy it – missing the fact that it is priceless.

Who knows the true nature of time?
Who can unravel its mysteries?
Who can measure its reach as it stretches to eternity?
Who can quantify it as it speeds to infinity?

There is a Time beyond time.
A Time vaguely but indelibly imprinted on our hearts,
Even as we live in this time.
And strangely, Time is redeemed with time.

Can something finite be used to redeem something infinite?
If that is so, what does that say of the value of the finite?
Do we truly view time with the gravity it deserves?
Or should we just leave these to the mathematicians and physicists?

Though Time might be beyond my comprehension,
What I have now is time.
I know it is finite, but I do not know when that end is.
Uncertainty and gravity are strange bedfellows –
Indecipherability coupled with the finite equivalence of infinitude.
Can someone tell me which is more incomprehensible, Time or time?
All I can do, is judiciously redeem the time I have.
It is truly saddening to realize,
That we live in a world and in times,
Where some persons spend time looking for inventive ways to waste time.

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