The Return (III)

“How it saddens Me to watch you sow seeds in darkness,
That grow and bloom with much toil, only to bring forth rotten fruits.
I watch with chagrin, held back by a covenant I swore by Myself
Because of a sweet-smelling sacrifice offered by a choice servant,
From judging in wrath with a deluge – suffocating every eyesore
And completely removing the stubborn root of my heartaches.

But how I seek to have you to Myself permanently, spirit soul and body;
So much that even in your spitefulness I opened a door to build a bridge;
I recognised your powerlessness as you revelled in the embrace of perdition,
And stepped forth in a form you could see, hear, relate to, and understand;
To meet your scorn and be despised; To acquaint myself with sorrow and pain
That cuts to the soul and back; And shame so heavy that I could not walk.
To get back what you squandered, I gave up My throne, glory, and breath.

Turn and look at Me; What do you see?
Look at this disfigured semblance on this cursed symbol of shame;
Behold the results…the work of the hands of the works of My hand;
Of spits and slaps and floggings; Of disbelief and fear and ridicule.

Because I spoke truths and mysteries to you,
You level accusations and raise false witnesses against Me.

Because I clothed you in glory and showered you with favour,
You rob Me of mine, cast lots for my cloak, and favour Me less than a murderer.

Because I patiently knit you, fearfully and wonderfully formed you
In your mother’s womb, you happily rip My skin from My flesh,
Carelessly and gleefully drag hooks across My back.

Because I crowned you with dominion and made you ruler of the earth,
You crown Me with thorns and hail Me ‘King’ of a people who despise Me to death.

Because I make you lie down beside still waters,
Quenching your thirst with living waters from the wellspring of life,
You offer Me vinegar, on a sponge, tied to a pole, whilst I’m nailed to logs.

Because I made for you a helper from a rib I took whilst you slept,
You stab Me in the side with a spear whilst I slept.

Because I stretched out my hands to you in love,
You nailed them to a cross with utter disregard.
Oh how you outdid yourselves when I let you.

We’ve come full circle, haven’t we?
Because, now you can be fully Mine if you choose, spirit soul and body;
For you, I’ve been to hell and back, literally and metaphorically.”


#Genesis 8
#Isaiah 53
#Jeremiah 15
#Isaiah 49

6 thoughts on “The Return (III)

  1. Ah! What an ending. We love because He first loved us. That’s all He wanted to do and still doing even when He’s neglected.
    The painful sacrifice He had to pay. How painfully beautiful…His grace runs deep.
    I love the strategic post of this mini ‘series’ that it aligns perfectly with His resurrection.
    Happy Easter to you. Hope it was a blessed and glorious day.

    Liked by 1 person

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