“Sometimes you just need to listen.
Yes, you, I know you think you listen really well,
But you do not listen nearly well enough.
If you did, you would know that I’m always speaking;
Not always in words, but I do speak.
Quiet down. Calm down. Be still.
Then you will hear, and know, and believe.

Sometimes you just need to change your perspective.
Yeah, you think you look at a lot of angles,
But you do not see nearly enough;
How the little deviations can change the entire outline of this perfect design;
How every little step backwards distorts the frame of resolution;
How the repeated rejections keep us so far apart,
Even after I’ve built this bridge;
How the choices you give yourself are not the only choices available to you;
How there are no paradoxes, just hidden layers of lenses,
and misconstrued frames of references.

Sometimes you just need to let go.
Yeah, you’ve let go of a lot of baggage,
But not nearly enough knowledge.
You leave it compressed and hidden,
When it needs to be expressed and overwritten.
It is not simple, but it is possible.
You’ve got some encrypted facts, some with many layers.
No, they’re not gibberish,
But they still need to be decrypted.
Let go and accept…I know it can be hard,
But you would breed doubt otherwise,
And doubt comes with confusion,
And frustrates this otherwise blissful journey We’re on.”

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