Let it be Said

It was said of the men of old
That they walked with God
And sought His face
And spoke with God
And pleased the Lord.

Can it be said of the men of today
That we worship in Truth and Spirit
And love our neighbours as ourselves
And love to be in His presence
And share the good news of His essence?

Let it be said of me
That I am a good and faithful servant
Who pleased the Lord simply through grace
And sought His benevolent face in mercy
And found true rest for my soul.

Let it be said of you
That you heard, knew, and believed
And stood on solid Rock, when others built on sand
That you watched, waited, and yearned to see His face
That your life was an epistle of love in blood and sweat.

May it be said of us
That we lived in the knowledge of His goodness
And strove for that crown of glory dipped in victory
Despising the clamoring of enticing fleeting treasures
For the blessed assurance of divine and eternal pleasures.

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