The Measure of Worth (II)

The presence of so much knowledge has exposed many young minds to some of the very finest specimen of the human race: Of staggering achievements and epic struggles; Of transitions spearheaded by men and women of dreams and faith and action – veritable martyrs of their beliefs. Icons that have shone brightly through generations…gathered from all around the world, from all perceivable times…lying at the very fingertips of some of the newest additions to the reasoning ego. And yes, it is inspiring, it is phenomenal, it is exciting, it is breathtaking; But, it is also so, so easy to feel depressed…feel incapable of measuring up to; To feel so, so ordinary; It can make high goals look so low, and little setbacks look like universe separating black-holes.

Survival calls for an anchor, a reference point outside self and others, a value system beyond the material.

Perseverance demands an understanding of worth outside occasional failures and accomplishments, harsh criticisms and spineless flatteries.

True fulfillment can only be achieved by the application of wisdom in setting priorities, reading between the lines, sifting through the sands of knowledge, and resisting the crippling tendencies of excesses, all against the backdrop of eternity and purpose.

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