Third Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of Makafui’s Journal. For this special anniversary, I would like to take some time and acknowledge and appreciate my wonderful readers and followers. But please, I’m human, so if I miss your name, do give me a prompt and I’ll rectify my terrible mistake (my apologies in advance, I’m pretty sure I’ll be missing out quite a number of people).

First and foremost, special thanks to God, who reads each post even before I write it. ‘Hey Lord, you know it’s always been you first. Thank you for the grace, inspiration, ability and opportunity to have this space…I hope You like what I’ve done with the place.’

Next, special thanks to my blogger friends and consistent readers: Cynthia of, David of, Rev. Sowers of, Dela of, Jane of, Kesheyla of, Shreya of….

Sincerest gratitude to dear friends, consistent readers, and huge sources of encouragement: Wendy, Francis, Edna, Sharon, Cecil, Charlotte, Yidana, Priscilla, Dorothy, Nyamegya, Diane, James, Paa Kwesi, Nana Ama, Dela, Bliss, Whyte, Judith, Kofi, Kobby, Joy, Edwin, Amanda, Nanna, Nkechi, Rabbles, Rudolph, Benjamin, Jeffery….

Thank you to all my followers, and all those who read whilst hidden behind the veil of anonymity offered by the internet. Thank you for coming along with me, and I look forward to having you along for the long haul. Do stay blessed.

This year has been a tough one, but as usual, I’ll be marking this anniversary also by giving a recap (links and excerpts) of fifteen posts (in no particular order) that per viewer assessment and personal opinion, require a second look (at least). Please feel free to click on the links (titles) for the full posts.

  1. Tribute To My Muse

She is the perfect picture of contradictions dressed in paradoxes, Crowned with the ultimate enigma, surrounded by barely unveiled mysteries;

  1. Barely Three Decades: Sights and Sounds in Words

…Because the thing about perfect flaws is that, They’re designed to evolve to tell a story. These are matters of the heart and soul….

  1. The Place

There’s a place I long for – set like a seal in my heart; The steps to which are clearly marked out, But are as elusive as mirages fleshed out by desire; Each inviting, yet seemingly lacking substance…..

  1. Sing Me A Song

Though the journey be long and arduous, I’m with you every step of the way. I understand the pain, I know the afflictions, I’ve tasted the sorrows and dined with the torments;….

  1. Still Grateful

It’s a labyrinth that stretches from dawn to dawn, Always as bright as a moonless cloudy night…..

  1. Mothers’ Portrait

I thousand brushstrokes later and this portrait will still be incomplete; And as for the question that stumped me, I think it’s best left rhetorical….

  1. Relapse

A dangerous familiarity, fearfully enticing and depressingly comforting; Knowing all the right buttons to push, which scars to rub And which nerves to touch – whispering inevitability with impunity….

  1. Welcome

Take me to the Mountain up which people flow And down which descend the rivers of Life – The waters of which makes the heart glad;…

  1. Soul Song

It boasts of a reach far beyond the entirety Of the complex mixture of all that composes the human condition, Fully encompassing the farthest reaches and suffocating richness of emotions….

  1. Bloodstained

But the father of all ironies, Is that Death is cheap – superficially speaking – Bought for the taste of a fruit…..

  1. Crossroads

Strangely enticing and forbidding; both inviting and foreboding; Promising much and warning much, Not mincing much, but also hiding much – paradoxes and enigmas; Stark but glorious, speaking a language understandable yet barely conceivable.

  1. Smile

I love the way you smile… Your teeth are brighter when they show; The cringes at the edges of your eyes, And the graceful arch of your lips;…

  1. Find Me On My Knees

In a pool of tears mixed with sweat; Tired tongue twisted into uttering nothing but sighs and groans; In the place where words fail and voices too; Where light disappears and feelings depart;…

  1. Quote #53

You may blunder your way to the pearly gates of Heaven, but you will not enter by mistake…

  1. Quote #55

Some things are too expensive to buy, yet too precious to ignore…

6 thoughts on “Third Anniversary

  1. boateng Wendy says:

    Congratulations 🎊
    God bless you for 3 consistent years. May He Bless you with Many more. Looking forward to the decades and more.
    God bless you. Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “First and foremost, special thanks to God, who reads each post even before I write it.” Yes, that’s why your writing is scented with a freshness that can only come from a well dug deep.

    Happy Anniversary. I am honored Makafui to be a part of your journey. Keep His love alive in your heart. It shows while it flows. Blessings to you. David

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, David. I pray for the grace to keep digging.

      Please, the pleasure is mine. “…It shows while it flows.” 🙏👍🙏. I’ll do that, David. Shalom, and do stay blessed.


  3. I applaud the consistency. It takes a great deal of discipline and dedication to keep a blog active. Well done for three years…hope you stick around longer with us.
    Thank you for being here
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us: your way with words are stupendous, and that’s even an understatement.
    Though it’s hard to pick, Sing Me a Song is one of my top favourite posts of yours.
    That post really moved me and till today these words: “no matter how long it takes, morning comes” are still stuck with me.
    It’s a pleasure, and exciting reading your posts.
    Keep writing
    Keep posting
    Will you?
    Here’s to greater heights to come.
    Happy Anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Cyn, and thank you for the consistent feedback also, they’re very much appreciated.

      Oh, I’m glad to hear that. Being the author, it’s even harder to pick favourites, since each piece has its special place in my heart; but yeah, ‘Sing Me A Song’ carries a lot of meaning and hope for me too.

      Yes, I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep posting as God gives me the grace.

      To greater heights…


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